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If you are wondering what a portable vaporizer would mean, it is easy. As simple as it sounds, a Portable vaporizer is a simple and compact vape device that can be used to consume dry herb vape, and other chemical concentrates spontaneously. 

portable vaporizer
portable vaporizer

These devices are very convenient to use, and they have eliminated the stigma attached to conventional smoking. Portable vaporizers are becoming more and more popular every day as a result of the numerous advantages attached to them. Its outstanding features make Vaping an experience to look forward to all the time. The makers of these Portable Vaporizers have designed a way to smoothly combine convenience with sophistication so that none interferes with the other. 


  1. CONVENIENCE: This should be the foremost benefit of portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers offer convenience since you can smoke from anywhere and at any time. Portable vaporizers, unlike traditional cigarettes, are not subject to the legislative restrictions placed on smoking. This means that even in non-smoking zones, you can smoke with no worries with your portable vaporizer. The fact that no flame is being produced makes it safer than traditional cigarettes. NO RISK OF FIRE OUTBREAKS: Quite often, fire outbreaks are caused by flames from cigarettes that were either improperly handled or disposed of carelessly. Cigarettes often trigger home fires, bush fires, and other fire accidents resulting from the cigars’ open flames. On the other hand, a vaporizer offers you better safety. There is no open flame as the vape device is battery-powered. Besides, the portable vaporizer has an automated system that turns itself off when the vape juice has been heated up to the required/desired temperature. 
  2. EASY TO CARRY AROUND: What can be as portable as portable vaporizers? You can carry them around with so much ease since the gadget is small in size. It can easily fit into your purse or pocket, and you do not have to worry about it occupying a lot of space. Unlike some other kinds of vaporizers that are not portable, you can enjoy your portable vaporizer’s flavors from anywhere since it is always with you. 
  3. QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT WARRANTY: Most vaporizers have warranties attached to them such that if the device gets spoilt or malfunctions within the warranty time, the client can call for a replacement. But, if it is a slight malfunction, the client may contact the manufacturers for advice. The manufacturers may also, out of their volition, undertake to fix the vaporizer. To get this excellent customer service, it is advisable to make adequate research/inquiry before making your purchase. Important points to consider are whether they are legitimate dealers of the product and their integrity as regards their products’ warranty. 
  4. BETTER SAFETY FOR YOUR HEALTH: Although vaporizers are not completely safe for your health, they are way safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. In a vaporizer, the tobacco is heated to a vapor state rather than burnt. This vapor is free from toxins and other carcinogenic substances. 
  5. BETTER TASTE: The user gets to experience the herbs’ exact natural taste since the herbs are heated, not smoked. Again, the stigma and bad breathe that usually results from smoking are eliminated. You may want to try out dry herb vaporizers. They are uncomplicated and straightforward. 


portable vaporizer
portable vaporizer

A portable vaporizer provides on-the-go consumption of vape. Today, vaporization stands as the easiest, most versatile, and safest method of consumption. Portable Vaporizers are the biggest innovation of dry herb consumption. If you are a beginner and want to understand how the entire process works, keep reading. 

The goal of vaporization is to volatilize the essential oils in the dry herbs without the herbs having to go through the usual combustion process. So, how does a portable vaporizer carry out this task? 

  • The vaporizer has an Atomizer, a cartridge, a better put, a herb chamber, or a vape tank. This is where the herbs are loaded for heating. Before this is done, the herbs are to be ground. Although it is quite easy to find, If you are experiencing difficulties locating the atomizer, a quick skimming through the Beginner’s Guide will help you locate it. This part aims to convey hot air from the coils to the atomizer to heat the herbs. 
  • The Coil generates heat through electricity which is received from the rechargeable lithium-powered battery. The heat generated in the process is regulated by the heat sensor, ensuring that you do not generate more heat than is needed for vaporization. 
  • The User interface enables you to set the required temperature, and it also acts as the power button. 
  • The mouthpiece is connected directly to the atomizer to facilitate the whole process of Vaping. 
  • To use the Portable Vaporizer, simply fill the atomizer then set the temperature. If you are a beginner, a temperature of about 400 Degrees is just fine. 
  • When the above has been done, press the power button to channel electric power from the coils’ battery. 
  • The Sensor regulates the temperature by monitoring and ensuring that the temperature stays within its preset bounds. Also, it shuts down supply if the vape is overheating and increases supply if the temperature is not enough. 
  • Once the required temperature is attained, an obvious vapor is produced. You can now begin to inhale this vapor from the mouthpiece. This is a rundown of how the portable vaporizer works. 


firefly 2
firefly 2
  1. AIRVAPE X: This portable vaporizer is easier to use than other vaporizers. It helps you relax while enjoying a wonderful vaping experience. Again, it is user-friendly. Beginners do not have to stress over getting acquainted with how the AirVape X works as it is both intuitive and easy to use. It provides a rich, well-saturated vapor. 
  2. FIREFLY 2+: The Firefly is another fantastic portable vaporizer you can find in the Vape Pen market. Its vapor is more intense and stronger compared to competing vaporizers. It makes it easier to load herbs into the atomizer and generally holds more dry herbs in its atomizer than the other Vaporizers. However, it is a bit pricier than the others. 
  3. STAINLESS GRASSHOPPER: The Stainless Grasshopper produces more concentrated flavors and hits up the herbs fast. Its temperature controls are also very potent. The Stainless Grasshopper is the most portable of the vaporizers. 
  4. THE VOLCANO: This vaporizer uses forced air and an aluminum element. With the aluminum element, it is easier to control the temperature. Aluminum does not pose a health threat of any form to the user. 
  5. THE IOLITE: The Iolite is a portable vaporizer powered by electricity or butane. Its best feature is its ease of use. 

Now that you know what is a portable vaporizer, what they do and what are the possible types, it is time to check out how to find the best portable vaporizer clicking here.