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Peta allies with vapers to contest – FDA Vaporizer regulations

Peta allies with vapers to contest FDA Vaporizer regs. At the end of May, the FDA stunned the vape industry and shocked vapers across the world by revealing their new – and frankly severe and financially crippling – Vaporizer regulations.

Their mandate threatens to obliterate every single Vaporizer, vaporizer, and e-juice manufacturer across America, whether they’re big time players or artisan sole traders. And whilst consumers and vape companies are trying their best to show solidarity against the FDA on its war on vaping, it would be nice to get some outside support.

Could this come in the guise of the World Health Organization?

After all, vaping genuinely offers people the chance to quit smoking or medicate with marijuana safely and effectively. Apparently not. Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the WHO is absolutely reveling in their decision, she wants a worldwide ban on Vaporizers.

But what about PETA?

Yes, vapers have found an unlikely ally in their war against the FDA’s regulations with PETA, the organization who petition for the ethical treatment of animals. They believe that the FDA’s new rulings will condemn countless animals to death. The group also claims that the FDA is now urging vaporizer manufacturers, in particular, Vaporizer producers who use nicotine in their products, to meet with its Center for Tobacco Products to decide whether or not animal testing should be used to verify the health and safety benefits of vaping.

“The CTP will expect manufacturers to conduct animal tests in support of marketing applications.”

– Joseph Manuppello, senior research associate for PETA.

Manuppello’s fear is also mirrored by his colleagues. PETA believes that the number of animals suffering and dying from tobacco-related testing will rise dramatically, but the FDA says that it’s a necessary evil.

Testing Vaporizer and e-liquids on animals will (apparently) prevent “misleading claims put forward by tobacco product manufacturers”.

It appears to this reporter that the FDA aren’t just hell-bent on ruining the lives of people who need to vape for medicinal purposes, who want to quit smoking, or who will potentially lose their jobs and livelihoods because of the damaging financial regulations imposed on the vape industry, but they also want to put innocent animals lives at risk too. Honestly, where’s the common sense?

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