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In the following, we will go into more detail about the possible side effects of medicinal cannabis.

Anxiety and Paranoia:

Unpleasant psychological side effects from excessive doses of THC can include anxiety and paranoia. However, in a lower dose, the cannabinoid can have an anxiety-relieving effect. A paranoid train of thought can also arise.


Dry mouth, dry, red eyes:

A high amount of THC can cause the mouth to become dry because the cannabinoid receptors are also located in the salivary glands. And because THC lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels, dry, red eyes develop.


THC can trigger food cravings because the cannabinoid stimulates certain areas of the brain that are linked to appetite.


Fatigue and lethargy:

THC can have a sedating effect, making you feel tired and lethargic.

Memory impairment:

As mentioned above, memory disorders can occur. This also applies to long-term patients.If there is latent psychosis, cannabis use can trigger a psychotic surge. However, it is also known that many people who suffer from psychosis tolerate cannabis well and only react to strong intoxicants (illegal drugs) such as LSD, ecstasy or cocaine.

Low blood pressure:

Of course, this would not be a side effect for people with high blood pressure. However, the higher dose of cannabidiol can result in a small drop in blood pressure. If you are taking medication for blood pressure, consult your doctor before taking cannabidiol.


cannabis high

Dizziness can be caused by a drop in blood pressure, which can occur in patients at higher doses. This side effect is temporary and can often be resolved by drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

The use and harm of cannabis oil has been studied for decades. When used correctly, the product can kill bad cells, stop inflammation, relieve pain and strengthen the whole body in many types of cancer. The oil calms the nervous system, speeds up the regeneration processes and improves the distribution of bronchial secretions from the airways.

Changes in appetite:

Some studies report changes in appetite when treated with CBD. The study shows that a high-CBD marijuana strain slightly changed people’s appetite. But there were major changes in appetite among people who used a strain that was high in THC.