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Meet E-Smoking with a Disposable Vaporizer

June 3, 2013 at 4:19 pm | Vapor Shop | vapingshop -

The habit of smoking has been repeatedly tagged with health concerns, though many people who smoke enjoy the relaxing sensation associated with smoking. One of the newest weapons in the battle against smoking is the Vaporizer. This electronic cigarette gives the user the same sensation of smoking as a traditional cigarette. Thanks to the latest type of disposable Vaporizers, it’s now possible to try one of these devices at a very low cost.

The Vaporizer: A High-Tech Cigarette Alternative
E-smoking with an Vaporizer. The way an Vaporizer works is that the computer controlled device, shaped just like a cigarette, operates the device. When you puff on the Vaporizer you inhale a slightly warm mist of smoke, which is actually steam, that is derived through heating up a nicotine solution. You inhale as you normally would, and exhale the steam which looks like smoke. You receive a slight amount of nicotine, though far less when compared to a traditional cigarette and no tar or chemical additives are in the solution. Even the opposite end of the Vaporizer glows as if a real, lit cigarette. Good quality Vaporizers, such as the Apollo E-Cig, create an experience that even long term smokers equate to being as close to a real cigarette as possible.

E-smoking can be a way for a group of people, all committed to quitting cigarettes, to socialize and enjoy Vaporizers in a social setting. E-smoking allows you to smoke indoors, in your car and even in areas deemed to be smoke free as the Vaporizer does not expel smoke, tar, nicotine and tobacco odor. This odor, tar and tobacco free alternative to smoking is ideal for nights out or evenings in hosting a dinner party. The disposable Vaporizers sold by the manufacturers of these electronic cigarettes are the perfect way to get to know these innovative smoking devices.

Give Quitting with Smoking a Try with a Disposable Vaporizer
The benefit of a disposable Vaporizer is that you do not have to monitor who has used the device before you, This works best in group settings and in residences where multiple people reside. A good, disposable ecig like the one sold online by Premium Vaporizer will give the user the same sensation, experience and overall feeling of smoking; which is a good alternative for those not quite ready to completely quit smoking yet. Those who seek to lower their …

Pennsylvania’s new tax on vape shops raising prices on retailers and customers

May 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm | Vapor Shop | vapingshop -

Pennsylvania’s new tax on vape shops raising prices on retailers and customers
In Pennsylvania, a new tax has just been passed on Vape products and is raising concern for business owners and consumers alike. The new Pennsylvania state budget is now setting a 40 percent tax on the wholesale price of e-cigarettes and vaping products — and that’s already on top of the six percent sales tax business owners already pay.

Inside of one Vape shop in Pennsylvania, the Cloud Jammer vape shop, a bottle of e-liquid (e-juice) can cost anywhere from $12 to $16. The new tax will raise the price rather significantly for vape shops. With the base price at $12 to $16, plus the new 40 percent tax on each bottle, vapers can expect to pay more for their products across the entire state. This is causing prices to sour above what a lot of vapers are willing to pay.

Many customers are already planning on cutting back on the amount of e-juice/e-liquid as well as other vape products they buy, because they can’t afford to pay that amount of tax on top of the base prices.

“There’s no way around it,” the owner of Cloud Jammer, Dennis Brogan, said.

Why Was this New High Tax Passed?

The reason this tax was passed is that Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to balance the state’s budget. Of course, they turned to the nicotine industry to they jacked up the price of cigarettes by one dollar per pack. But the vaping industry said they got smoked, too. Even worse, actually.

While traditional smokers are going to be upset enough with the $1 raise on their cigarettes, vapers are particularly affected, and can pay up to $8 more for the same bottle of e-juice, like at the Cloud Jammer vape shop.

The Future

While this recent Pennsylvania tax has been passed, House Bill 2342 would replace this 40 percent tax with a 5 cent-per-milliliter retail tax on the vapor liquid only. This could free up those who vape waxes and loose herbs, but the popular e-juice/e-liquids would suffer, as would their users. E-liquids are a big hit and a huge part of the vaping industry.

With the House Bill 2342, lawmakers said that this replacement law would help more than 350 businesses across the state.

However, for now, vape shops and consumers in Pennsylvania will have to limit their product …

Peta allies with vapers to contest fda Vaporizer regs

April 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm | Vapor Shop | vapingshop -

Peta allies with vapers to contest fda Vaporizer regs

At the end of May, the FDA stunned the vape industry and shocked vapers across the world by revealing their new – and frankly severe and financially crippling – Vaporizer regulations. Their mandate threatens to obliterate every single Vaporizer, vaporizer, and e-juice manufacturer across America, whether they’re big time players or artisan sole traders. And whilst consumers and vape companies are trying their best to show solidarity against the FDA on its war on vaping, it would be nice to get some outside support. Could this come in the guise of the World Health Organization? After all, vaping genuinely offers people the chance to quit smoking or medicate with marijuana safely and effectively. Apparently not. Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the WHO is absolutely reveling in their decision, she wants a worldwide ban on Vaporizers. But what about PETA?

Yes, vapers have found an unlikely ally in their war against the FDA’s regulations with PETA, the organization who petition for the ethical treatment of animals. They believe that the FDA’s new rulings will condemn countless animals to death. The group also claims that the FDA is now urging vaporizer manufacturers, in particular, Vaporizer producers who use nicotine in their products, to meet with its Center for Tobacco Products to decide whether or not animal testing should be used to verify the health and safety benefits of vaping.

“The CTP will expect manufacturers to conduct animal tests in support of marketing applications.” – Joseph Manuppello, senior research associate for PETA.

Manuppello’s fear is also mirrored by his colleagues. PETA believes that the number of animals suffering and dying from tobacco-related testing will rise dramatically, but the FDA says that it’s a necessary evil. Testing Vaporizer and e-liquids on animals will (apparently) prevent “misleading claims put forward by tobacco product manufacturers”.

It appears to this reporter that the FDA aren’t just hell-bent on ruining the lives of people who need to vape for medicinal purposes, who want to quit smoking, or who will potentially lose their jobs and livelihoods because of the damaging financial regulations imposed on the vape industry, but they also want to put innocent animals lives at risk too. Honestly, where’s the common sense?…